Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello from Los Angeles

I have been super busy over the past couple of months…As many of you know, I am a current student at Ithaca College. However, this semester, I will be based on my school's satellite campus in Los Angeles, California! My thoughts are kind of all over the place as being in a new place is very overwhelming. Overwhelming, but rewarding.

So far it has been quite the journey. I am finally getting settled in with my internship, my apartment, and everything that goes along with moving across the country (even if it is just temporary). I have already met so many people, began my networking adventures, and have come to terms with the traffic that is, and will always be, LA. No really, driving home from work takes me an hour, minimum.

California and New York are very different, and I am DEFINITELY an east coaster. My fashion, my accent, my personality--it's all New York. But hey, this is California! And I am ready to take it by storm.

Side note--For those of you at home, stay safe in the snow. For those of you here on the West Coast with me, let's hit the beach! But really….

I find that amongst all of my personal experiences, some things do not change. I still find myself on guard at most times. Los Angeles is not a joke, and unfortunately due to my appearance as described before, I stick out like a sore thumb. Like I said, east coast. It's nerve wrecking knowing that you are in a place with so much potential and that at the same time, it is up to you to go and seek it, no matter what the circumstances. The fact is, is that this is not home. BUT, I am willing (and determined!) to adjust, adapt and succeed.

For starters,  I am interning at lifestyle and beauty PR agency, which naturally, causes me to always look my best--jewelry and all. Being surrounded by so many fashionable areas and so many influential people has me pressured to always look and feel my best (even though I would want to do that anyway). But just like in New York, I feel that I must be on defense most times. Only this time, I feel like a slight outcast on the defense, and it is not pleasant. Being in an unfamiliar place is scary, especially when all you want to do is enjoy yourself and get into the swing of things. There is no other way to put it. But then, I said to myself "NOWSA." They are one of the few influencers who taught me how to be fierce and confident.

My first personal and valuable epiphany of the trip--I realized that I need to trust myself and go back to what I know. So this post is just a little reminder to stay true to yourself. Because there is no one better.

Know your boundaries, know where you are and who is around you, stay with people, pick and choose your battles. Definitely have fun, and live your life. Be smart with choices and how you carry yourself.

I know I will, because I am in LA for goodness sakes.

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